Mindfull Parenting – July 23

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Let me ask you a question:

What if you could find one simple way to finally break down the barriers preventing you from really connecting with your child?

Or would you love to: Have a simple, predictable and repeatable recipe to follow one that will allow you to raise children you will be truly proud of……without giving up the fun and enjoyment that can be one of the main ingredients in your parenting recipe?

Who this IS for:

  • Anyone who is a parent
  • Feels tired, frustrated and anxious
  • Worries about the future for their children
  • Wants to know how to be the best possible parent
  • Wants to break the cycle of a dysfunctional background

Who this is NOT for:

  • Anyone who feels 100% happy with how they are doing as a parent
  • Those not looking for new approaches to parenting
  • Those who aren’t open to new answers to old questions

Why are we doing this? We’re looking for like-minded individuals who:

  • Really love their children
  • Want to genuinely enjoy their parenting journey
  • Are desperately looking for a better way
  • Want this next generation to avoid some of the things we had to deal with

We’re going to show you:

  1. The secret to understanding why your child doesn’t always respond the way you want
  2. The communication hack to know what your child is really thinking
  3. The ABC system that you don’t learn in school
  4. Why “one size fit’s all” doesn’t work in parenting

Are you doing things the hard way?

  • You’re following the same parenting process hoping for a different result
  • You’re waking up with a feeling of anxiety, wondering how you will get through yet another day
  • You have days where, if you’re honest, you know you love your child, but do you really like them?
  • You’re sick and tired of all of the so called “gurus” telling you what you are doing wrong
  • You secretly think the best part of your day starts when the kids go to bed.

About the Speaker: Elizabeth Noske, M. Ed,; M. Neuro Leadership is an experienced teacher, educational leader, consultant and presenter. She is passionate about brain-compatible parenting and has many years experience as an international trainer, consultant and advisor. She has held school-based leadership positions in national and international schools in Australia, Indonesia, Germany and China. She has master’s degrees in Special Education and also in Neuro Leadership and completed international neurofeedback certification at the prestigious ADD Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Elizabeth thrives on activities that challenge her physically and mentally. Her adventures include tandem skydiving, hiking in the Himalayas, motor-biking across the United States, SCUBA diving along the trenches of Sulawesi and long-distance running. She is passionate about brain care, which includes diet, exercise and mental stimulation. Her mission is to share her knowledge with people of all ages; showing parents how to raise their children with brain-compatible strategies and elderly folk to nurture and stimulate their aging brains throughout their lives.

Webinar Details:

Date and Location: Thursday 23 July 8:00pm till 9:00pm

Investment: FREE

Book Here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mindfull-parenting-tickets-110358400948